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tv   News  ABC  October 1, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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weekend and accounts for about a 5th of the dip prore ducks and was -- dip are production and was work -- diaper production and was already work at full capacity. that's america's money.
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you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> new laws going into effect statewide. we have a live report straight ahead and what you need to know before heading out the door. and the dream keeps ongoing. the orioles clinched the spot for the playoffs. but they are not done yet. they have a series down in tampa how it could affect the playoff race in just days to come. and christmas just around the corner and have you thought about shopping yet? if not do not worry. we have the run down of the hot toys your little ones will
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likely ask santa for coming up on this monday october 1st. good morning i am charley crowson. thanks for joining us. megan is off today. but lynette is in house with a check of the forecast. and lynette, things are changing. >> yeah. they are. we will start out with a dense fog advisory going until 10 for areas shaded in gray and frederick county is under -- is one of the counties under them. going throughout the day today, it will slowly but surely begin to burn off but we will be dealing with cloudy conditions outside this morning. and possibly this afternoon. we might see a few peeks of sunshine but with that system coming down from the south, up north, we could be socked in. right now kent island at 55 degrees that dew point at 55. so we are dealing with some patchy fog across the area there. reisterstown at 51 with a dew point of 49 and we we head over to edgewater where we are looking at 5 1 and we are looking at patchy fog across the area this morning. take it easy as you head out and about. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and changes coming to
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that. but going into lunchtime, the temperature at 67 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, we are dealing with fog across the region so expect reduced visibility. be extra careful definitely slow down. here on the harrisburg expressway nothing to get in your way from warren road to 695. those of you using 95 to get into city here's a live look at eastern avenue altogether you are looked 15 minute ride traveling southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. as we pull up other drive times notice the beltway going to be in great shape no delays right mow from parkville up towards towson and the west side will remain clear 11 minutes typical ride on outer loop from 795 towards 95. and charley over to you. a hand full of new laws take effect and they could impact everyone from parents to kids to anyone with a job and a facebook account. linda so is live this morning in federal hill with details on one of the laws and linda, this could have a impact on kids and
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car seats. >> reporter: yes, any kid under 8 years old parents what this means is you might have to put your child back into a booster seat like this one if they met the weight requirement before the new law took eyeee text. starting today the law requires all kids under 8 to ride in a child safety seat regardless of weight until they are 4 feet 9 inches or taller. before the change, kids who weighed more than 65 pound could forgo the car seat but according to the national highway traffic safety administration car crashes are the number one cause of death in kid in the u.s. this new law is designed to a cut down on that rate and to keep kids safe on the roads. some of the other laws that take effect today, the phylicia barnes law designed to improve how law enforcement and commity groups work together when a child disappears also requiring state officials to publish a list of missing children. and another law that takes effect today that affects
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everyone with a job is it's illegal for your boss in maryland to ask you for your log in information to social media websites like facebook. live in federal hill, linda so, abc2 news. several other laws begin and it's mixed bag. companies that want to threaten to tow cars from private property must now show large signs with the name of the towing company and the towing companies must allow people to get the vehicle back at all hours of the day. you must also now come to a complete stop for nonworking stoplights. the best way to keep it in mind is to treat it like a 4-way stop that can come in handy when we have the power outages following severe weather. in other news, omazzing time of the year. the boys of summer becoming the boys of fall. last night the orioles cline ached play off spot and swept boston here at home -- clinched a playoff spot and swept boston here at home. team ran into a bump on the way to tampa for the final series
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of the regular season. someone saw smoke in the front of the charter night and the plane had to be diverted to jacksonville. the team was later able to make it the rest of the way to tampa and they play tonight shortly after 7. 7:05 is your first pitch. and we will have every thing you need to know. abc2 beer trying to -- we are trying to find out who it is the -- who is the bigger o's fan jamie costello or lauren cook. go to our website and vote for whichion you say has -- which one you say has the best o's cheer. right now lauren is in the lead. the american red cross is helping a number of families 23 to be he can being a, being displaced after a fire ripped through the apartment this morning. this happened in 2000 block of military place in odenton in the seven oaks area. dozens of firefighters were dispatched to fight the two alarm fire there. were no injuries. however, as you can see from the flames and the photograph, the damage is quite extensive. no word on what happened to
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cause the fire. but those displaced we don't know when they will be allowed back home. in the 85 days left to shop for christmas, i am not kidding, 85 days add it up. you consider yourself warned. up next a peek at some of the hot new toys out there you're likely to see with kids letters to santa. also the goff nateor opening up -- governator opening up about the public and private life. what he said about the affair with the worker that destroyed his marriage. good morning -- marriage. good morning maryland continues in a moment. news time 5:37. you disgust me.
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thanks for staying with us. 20 minutes until 6. halloween has not gotten here and we are talking about the hot toys for the coming christmas season. high tech items like tablets always get all the publicity. they are the headlineers. but low tech toys may wind up on children's wish lists. monster high dolls from mattel are one of the biggest names in the doll aisle and i have no idea what it is and thanks to the return of the lay away programs, it might be more difficult to get your hands on some of the hot toys.
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>> it's tighter inventory at the retail level and they are aggressive lay away programs by most of the retailers. because of the aggressive lay away programs which are great to take advantage of, a lot of the hot items will disappear early and go on lay away and you won't find them after thanksgiving. >> they want to watch out for the return of the f up rby. hasbro updated the ipad app allowing kids to engage alter the mood. do you remember the first run. furby. >> i do. >> does that not scare you? >> yeah that one scares me more. check out what's going on at the airport. we have partly cloudy skies. temperatures at 50 and reduced visible. patchy fog and if you are traveling to the airport. take it easy on the roadways. those winds out of the west and sunrise at 7:03 as it continues to get later and later. patchy fog will continue to be the the bus stop and we will deal with chilly temperatures
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this afternoon and a sun cloud mix and clouds out there. temperatures at 72 but if we get more cloud cover the temperature will be held down. take the jacket this morning and this afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. fog is certainly going to be an on 95 if you are heading to bwi airport this morning. it will be nice and clear if you are traveling northbound up to 695 as well. and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel and using the jfx to get downtown, no delays from the beltway to fayette street. here live uke at top side of -- live look at the top side of 695. there are no delays getting up towards 83. that is look at your abc2 timesaver traffic charley over to you. >> nice time 5:42 and pinch yourself but yes the o's are on the comp of sports illustrate and made it to the american league playoffs the first time in 15 years.
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how the excitement of the omazing season is spreading throughout all of baltimore. also you want to look ahead at what we expect from the president and the republican nominee mitt romney come debate time wednesday night. good morning maryland continues in just a moment. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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all right thanks for staying with us on this monday morning. 14 years, 2200 games and that's how long it's been since the orioles made it into the playoffs. last iamb they were here clinton -- last time they were here, clinton was in the white house. drought lasted as long as cal's consecutive games played streak. this morning that streak is over but it was not easy getting there. just like the team's flight to tampa for the season series ending taking on the rays. they were taking off after getting into the playoffs. this is going to tampa for the final series. smoke was found in the front of the plane. it was detected so they had to land in jacksonville. and when everything was checked out and the plane was fine everybody hopped back on and went down and have a three-game series beginning tonight at 7:05 and this thing not over. it's very fluid with the orioles and the yankees and the
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oakland a's. a tie in the al east between the yankees and orioles is we are we are today. both teams are in the playoffs but we don't know where yet. three games are critical and if there's a game play off it's 163 between yankees and a's. it could be played here at camden yards and this is important because when you consider the fact that the oo.'s would be the number one wild card team that one gay playoffs with the a's in all likelihood would be would be played here and this thing is far from over but we know that the baltimore orioles are in the playoffs and for everything you need to know including a photo -- fan photo contest, go to and everything you need to know right there. look under omazing and video right there he has the best cheer jamie or lauren. watch them and vote for the winner. word right now is that the- official tally has lauren cook in the lead. if you -- president obama and
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gop nominee mitt romney are getting ready for the first debate. the president expected to meet with top advisers today at a des earth resort in nevada. he took part in an event in las vegas and it was focused in part on rallying hispanic voters. in the meantime, this morningmitt romney is practicing for debate in massachusetts and later will head to denver for rally and more debate prep. this is the first debate witness wednesday night take -- wednesday night take place in denver, colorado. arnold schwarzenegger autobiography hits shelves today. it's called total recall. my unbelievably true life story revealing secrets he kept from his now ex-wife maria schriver. the -- shriver. he says some of the mayor events he failed did -- major events he failed to talk about were majorheart surgery and whether or not he was going to run for governor in 2003. time for five things to know on this monday morning. coming up he is accused of killing his wife 20 years ago
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and burying his body in a shed. he is set to go to trial for the murder. [audio not understandable] it was found in aprila after the police convinced his current wife to allow them to search the property. and people living in eastport neighborhood of annapolis will be asked to stay inside anne arundel county is spraying for mosquitoes beginning around 11:30to cut down on the risk of west nile virus. they have seen 33 reported cases and three have taken place have been reported inan arundel county. and today marks the beginnings of breast cancer awareness month. a number of buildings around the state will be lit in pink. they will soon seen the ravens and other nfl teams dawn the pink wrist bantsdz and cleats and gloves and komen maryland race in hunt valley on october 21st. the u.s. supreme court is back in session after nearly 3 months summer recess. last night justices attended a red mass at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle.
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that's the annual service held each year before the beginning of the new term. and beginning today, medicare will begin fining hospitals that have too many patients readmitted within 30 days. the fines are part of a push under the president's health care form law and expected that nearly 2/3 of hospitals will be fined during the course of the next year. well long work hours demanding bosses and tight deadlines may be to blame for the stress related heal problems. according to the swedish study the personality could be playing a major role. researchers found personality types is often associated with job stress and health and a large portion of the difference in personality types can be attributed to genes. what does this mean? it means we can't believe our lives will get better by changing jobs because wherever you go lynette, there you are. you never have stress no stress whatsoever. you can see the moke coming out of my ears.
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easy go and sliding through. >> i will let you talk about it. >> right now temperatures are on the cool side this morning. so everybody needs to grab the jacket as they head out and about. see the 45 in pylesville and stephenson and as we had towards the eastern shore 48 in goldsbor yoga lena 49 and rock hall 49 and 53 good morning easton. not picking oup and whole lot of rain showers but we have clouds out there this morning will that will move through through the afternoon courtesy of the big system to the south as of now. this wet weather will work waits to the north and that's what we will have the chance for showers in here as we go through the overnight and also tomorrow and possibly on wednesday. but for today, leave the rain gear at home shall we are coming in at 72 and it will be seasonable and the temperature tonight mostly cloudy and showers and here's the 7-day forecast. as we break it down for you on tuesday that's when the wet weather rolls in and more of the same on wend and thursday
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and friday looks stellar with temperatures at 78 and both days and by the weekend showers and storms. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned we are dealing with reduced visibilities so do watch out for that. traffic is starting to pick up here on the harrisburg expressway in hunt valley but no significant delays from shawan to 695. on the beltway in overl-ea at bel air road no problems to report. it will be a very, very easy ride head-- heading up towards towson. the west side of the beltway no problems to report there. altogether 12 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. and she was nominate for the homecoming court and it was a hoax. how one girl managed to turn the table on the would be bullies and ended up winning the crab. -- crown. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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a teenager nominated to a high school homecoming court as a prank turned the tables on her tormenters and the joke is on them a week ago whitney
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found out about the plot and it mate made her upset and thought about ending her life. but the prank was made up by popular kids at the high hool and it was meant to be a joke. her story made its way to nearby schools and facebook and some people came to friday's game just for halftime to see her walk down the field when the homecoming court was announced and she was wearing a red dress and holding flowers and the prom queen appearance was -- some people traveled to nearby towns and schools to show support. >> kid are bullying don't let them bring you down. stand up for what you believe in and go with your heart and go with your gut. >> show said she got cold feet almost pulling out but is glad she went through a with it. coming up on good morning maryland at 6, do you receive social security benefits? your identity could be in jeopardy. coming up we will shed new light on a scam targeting older adults. also, going back to an old school way of thinking. why it's more beneficial to your marriage if the woman does
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most of the housework. whoa. shake that head. >> a dense fog advisory for some areas. i will tell you for how long. all the details coming up.
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